Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Loans Payable (Details)

Loans Payable (Details) - USD ($)
1 Months Ended
May 05, 2020
Mar. 17, 2021
Loans Payable (Details) [Line Items]    
CARES Act description The amount borrowed under the CARES Act and used for payroll costs, rent, mortgage interest, and utility costs during the 24 week period after the date of loan disbursement is eligible to be forgiven provided that (a) the Company uses the PPP Funds during the eight week period after receipt thereof, and (b) the PPP Funds are only used to cover payroll costs (including benefits), rent, mortgage interest, and utility costs. While the full loan amount may be forgiven, the amount of loan forgiveness will be reduced if, among other reasons, the Company does not maintain staffing or payroll levels or less than 60% of the loan proceeds are used for payroll costs. Principal and interest payments on any unforgiven portion of the PPP Funds (the “PPP Loan”) will be deferred to the date the SBA remits the borrower’s loan forgiveness amount to the lender or, if the borrower does not apply for loan forgiveness, 10 months after the end of the borrower’s loan forgiveness period for six months and will accrue interest at a fixed annual rate of 1.0% and carry a two year maturity date. There is no prepayment penalty on the CARES Act Loan. The Company expects the loan to be fully forgiven.  
Amount received   $ 139,595
Interest rate   1.00%
Debt maturity term   2 years
Paycheck Protection Program [Member]    
Loans Payable (Details) [Line Items]    
Unsecured loan payable $ 293,972